This article discusses some of the common troubleshooting techniques that users can implement to overcome printer issues. It also discusses some of the common mistakes that users make while handling printers.

Although, a printer appears to be a strong and robust machine, yet it has a number of delicate moving parts. Thus, in order to ensure that the printer does not malfunction, it is essential to handle the printer with care. Sometimes it is also a practical solution to acquire the help of third party printer maintenance firms like UK Printer Support, especially if the malfunction appears to be a serious hardware problem.

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Most of the calls made to the Epson printer helpline or the HP printer customer support number are regarding the printers not working at par. Additionally, many users complain that printer issues often arise even with a brand new hybrid printers. However, these are no more than teething problems. Some of the common printer issues faced by users and their subsequent resolutions are as follows:

  • Printer appearing offline: If one has recently bought a printer, it is essential to ensure that the printer has been installed correctly on the system. If there is any trace of a previously installed printer, then delete these files. Additionally, scan the system for any malicious software, otherwise it will conflict with the printer configuration software. Once the configuration is done, set it as a default printer. This will resolve the problem of a printer appearing offline.
  • No paper in the tray: All printers have specific paper size, on which the print outs are made. Ensure that there are sufficient number of printing paper in the tray. Otherwise the printer will line up the prints, but there will be no printouts.
  • Upgrading the software: Epson and HP always upgrade the printer software to increase the efficiency of the product. It is always essential to download the original upgradation software and make changes on the installed software accordingly. Otherwise the printers may begin to malfunction.
  • Printing not at par: Check the cartridge heads and the print preview of the system. If there is debris on the cartridge head or if the cartridges are empty, then chances are there that the prints will not be at par. Similarly, the preview must also be checked carefully before the print command is given.

Thus, with carefully following the troubleshooting techniques, one can easily resolve printer issues.

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