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HP printers are one of the most used printers across the world. But whenever you find that there are certain issues which are preventing it from printing your documents, letters etc. then it might cause hindrance in your day to day activity. If you want solution for any issue related to HP printers, then you have to call in HP help number where our technicians are present round the clock to help you out. Some of the common problems are paper jam, installation of printer driver, low ink warning, poor cartridges and many other issues. All the issues could be solved only when you take help of our team.

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Below discussed are some of the common problems of HP printers:

  • While printing if you find that the printer you are using is printing a much lighter copy or the pictures are overlapping each other in the page then you have to make sure that you have not made any changes in the settings of the printer. This problem may be caused many times due to insufficient power supply. Try to solve this problem by connecting it to another outlet. And suppose your printer is very old then few parts may need replacements. So whenever you have any such problems then you can contact in HP customer service number where our technicians will help you.

  • Suddenly you may find that the printer is not working. This may be because you may have changed your windows version and your computer has set a new default printer driver software. It is the driver actually which makes the device work and if you have installed a new application then the default driver might also change. This problem could be solved if you download the proper printer driver for your printer model online. If you are unable to select the proper printer driver, then you can contact us in our HP help number where our executives will help you to select the printer driver.

  • You should very carefully select the correct printer model and operating system when you are searching. And if you install the wrong driver then your printer will not work. You can download the printer driver from some reliable sites. You can also search programs which will look for the right driver for the device and once you find that right printer driver you have to just install it and select it as default but if you have difficulty in doing so then there is no issue because our HP support team is always there to help you with proper solutions.

  • Usually you will find that the printers last for 8 to 15 years so you should always maintain the printer regularly. You should clean the ink cartridges and the print heads regularly so that you do not have any problem of clogged tube. Occasionally you should clean and dust off your printer and you should always stick to the brand of the ink that you use with the HP printers. You should always keep in mind that you should use proper driver software all the time and also install the updates. Even after following these steps, your problem is not solved then you can take help of our HP help.

How Our Team Helps?

When you call in our HP customer services number, our team helps you in installation of the Printer driver as well as the HP scanner driver. They also help you in up-gradation of the printer driver to the latest version. Whenever you have problem in installing the cartridges or problem of paper jam then our team helps you with appropriate solutions. They are available round the clock to help you.