This article discusses some of the commonest printer problems faced by the end user, especially with regard to HP printers.

Hewlett-Packard is one of the most recognized names when it comes to the manufacturing of computer hardware, laptops, printers, hard disks and other associated equipment. In most organizations HP hybrid printers are used to take printouts, scan copies of documents or send a FAX. Recently, the company has launched a unique printer that is not only sleek in design, but also easy to use. Nevertheless, there are some teething problems that users face on using the HP Inkjet Printer.

printer problem

Get instant help from HP Support Team

According to UK Printer Support a third party service provider, most of the calls received on the HP printer customer service number are regarding simple troubleshooting issues. Clients can often resolve the printer problems on their own as the printers are quite advanced with the up-to-date software per-installed in the equipment. Nevertheless, the HP printer help and support team are always available to help the user overcome any printer issue, which he or she may face.

Some of the simplest printer issues that the end user can overcome are as follows:

  • Printer appearing offline: End users often mention that in spite of installing a printer, the system is unable to identify it. This normally occurs if the printer software is not up-to-date. Check the system and ensure that the system has the latest printer software installed and then set up the required printer as the ‘default printer’ to ensure smooth working of the equipment.
  • Clogging of cartridge head: often printers send a message that there is not sufficient ink in the cartridge. This may occur due to clogging of the cartridge head. The cartridges are one of the most essential part of the printer and has a tendency to attract debris. Ensure that the cartridge heads are clean to print the items smoothly.
  • Printer installation error: While installing a printer, ensure that all previous programs that can conflict with the new printer have been deleted. Otherwise there will be conflicting commands and the system will not be able to identify the new printer. Ensure that the printer installation software is compatible with the particular printer.

Hence, if a printer is malfunctioning, then check out the simple troubleshooting techniques available to bring the printer back online and if still the issue is not resolved, then contact the third party printer maintenance service at the earliest.

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