Printers are prominent not only in the lives of a student but also professionals who work in an office. There are plenty of brands which manufacture printers today but none provide the quality which HP gives you.

They have a range of printers and each of them is specifically designed as per the use. If you are a stationary shop owner and you will be printing documents for your customers day in and day out, then a home printer won’t be of any use to you. The most common types of printers which are used all over the globe are inkjet and laser printers.

HP Printer Support

Owning printers is not a big thing today, almost everyone has a printer in their home. However, the problem arises when people fail to fix the simple problems that your printer might give you once in a while. If you have a HP printer and are facing a glitch that is causing a roadblock in your work then instead of running for HP printer support, take a minute to actually look at the problem and solve it on your own.

What to do if your printer is printing too slow?

This is the most common printing problem seen by different costumers. If your printer is printing way too slow then the first thing that you should do is rev up its performance. In order to do this, you will have to reduce the printing quality for the documents that don’t require much. Also, if you are printing out pages of information on a daily basis, then having each printed in top quality will only slow down your printer.

First of all, go to ‘print and properties’ menu of your printer software on computer and then switch to the draft-printing mode so that your printer is printing in this quality. A quick tip for people who print out pages on a daily basis would be print out without graphics.

What to do if the Windows is sending command to wrong printer?

This can be a issue if you upgrade your Windows from time to time. For some windows, it keeps the default printer to the one you were using earlier and if you want to change this then go to ‘printers and devices’ in the Start menu of windows. If you have attached multiple printers to your device then right click on the one you want to make the default one and save the changes.

Some problems are as easy as that. While there are other major technical issues which might be out of your control like troubleshooting and ink cartridges. For instance, some of the other problems that you might face are:

  • Print cartridge says its empty but it was refilled few days back.
  • Printed pages have lines or spots.
  • Wireless printers are too slow.

For these problems also, refer to the manual guide first. However, if the problem still persists then you should take the help from HP printer customer service.

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